Do you drive an electric car? Then you'll like the new Google Maps feature

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Advanced vehicle charging station search.

Electric vehicles are a topic that is being talked about louder and louder. The desire to move away from traditional (not very ecological) fuels is expressed by a large group of car concerns. No wonder that Google introduces new functionalities to its services targeted at people with modern cars. These are also relatively more than a few years ago.

It turns out that Google Maps will display now points where the nearest electric vehicle charging stations are located. The function will certainly not impress those drivers who drive cars with engines based on fossil fuels. However, a handful of "electricians" should be delighted.

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The giant from Moutain View is not limited to selecting stations. Google was also tempted to filter the results by … plugin standard. There will be six of these to choose from – J1772, CCS (Combo 1), Type 2, CCS (Combo 2), CHAdeMO and Tesla. There is no denying that this option can make life much easier for drivers.

Someone may criticize Google's actions as "premature". Without taking any steps, however, it is difficult to talk about progress in the development of the electric car market – so it's nice that the company is doing something in this direction now.

Source: 9to5google