Do you dream about a modern and cheap radio? Xiaomi answers the call

xiaomi shortwave

Another interesting project.

Xiaomi Youpin is a special crowdfunding platform whose main goal is to help smaller producers finance interesting projects. All this, of course, under the watchful eye and with the support of the Chinese technology giant. Examples of successful projects are even smart Bluetooth alarm clock or the title hero – BeeBest Smart Walkie-talkie.

Of course, we're talking about a modern walkie-talkie hiding a wide range of functions and tools. It's worth starting from scratch, i.e. connectivity – BeeBest supports 4G and Wi-Fi networks. As promised by the manufacturer, two walkie-talkies can communicate with each other from a distance even 5000 kilometers.

xiaomi shortwave

The device also offers the ability to make phone calls and check location in real time without internet access. All this thanks to the Beidou hybrid GPS positioning system.

According to the people responsible for the project, the walkie-talkie will stand up to 60 hours on standby in standby. Active use of the equipment will reduce this time to 40 hours. Charging the walkie-talkie will be through the included USB-C cable.

The price of such a gadget is to fluctuate 57-60 dollars. As with the Bluetooth speaker described yesterday – it is not known whether the BeeBest Smart walkie-talkie will be seen on the Polish market.

Source: Gizmochina