Do not buy old TV models. Soon a change in the television broadcasting standard

dvbt dvbt2 2022

Important information for Poles.

Millions of Poles receive digital terrestrial television via a paid (or unpaid) subscription via the DVB-T system. Some people still use external decoders, but many people have long had televisions equipped with the appropriate internal decoder. Due to changes introduced throughout Europe, these decoders will be useless in two years.

The National Broadcasting Council informs that before June 30, 2022 there will be a change in the way digital terrestrial television broadcasts. Previous the DVB-T system will be replaced by a more effective DVB-T2 systemthat older TV models do not support. The new standard will allow data transfer with HEVC-compliant image encoding, which you know as H.265 or MPEG-H part 2.

Many TV sets sold in stores already have a more modern DVB-T2 decoder, but they still use the current AVC decoding (H.265, also known as MPEG-4 part 10) in their daily work. If you plan to buy a TV in the near future and want to receive digital terrestrial television, be sure to pay attention to the specifications of such equipment. Otherwise you will need a special decoder to receive TV.

The Ministry of Digitization informs about the technical details of the planned changes. In the message found at this address you will find a file with the National Action Plan for changing the allocation of the 700 MHz band in Poland. There you will find all the technical materials that interest you.