Discord cancels its subscription to games. Reason? There are no volunteers

discord nitro 1

This is the end of Nitro.

Discord is currently one of the most popular applications that facilitate communication between players. Last year, the developers of the platform wanted to slightly expand its capabilities and launched a subscription for video games. Unfortunately, hardly anyone was interested in the developer's idea.

The Nitro subscription was extended several months ago with monthly or yearly access to a set of video games. This kind of play on the part of those responsible for Discord seemed really great, but practice showed a slightly different side of the coin. It turns out that users do not want to treat the platform as another store with productions and all they need is the option of chatting and chatting with friends.

A subscription fee of $ 9.99 had to be paid for the subscription. per month or $ 99 annually. The official removal of the catalog of games available under Nitro will take place already October 15. The creators of Discord in a special statement included the following reason for resigning from the distribution of games:

"Although we and most of our users love games, we can't hide the truth. The vast majority of people subscribing to the Nitro service did not play the productions we provided. After long deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we will not develop this segment of the platform. "

The option of monthly payment for Nitro will still be available – the subscription will return to its original form and allow users to take advantage of several facilities and benefits. The company also stated that it is able to return money to all unsatisfied people.

Source: Discord