DeepL crushes Google translator? New technology now available

2020-02-06 113124

Online translator.

The German startup DeepL introduced a new translation system to the market, while claiming that it is a quantum leap in the quality of machine translations.

The company was already loud in 2017, when the DeepL Translator overshadowed the translation systems of all major technology companies. For the first time, innovative neural networks were able to also translate longer fragments of text without error. As a consequence, DeepL's popularity has grown rapidly: over half a billion users have used its services in 2019.

DeepL has just released a new translation system, created on the basis of many new solutions of the company in the field of artificial intelligence. All criteria that determine good translation have been improved. The new system more accurately reflects the sense of translated sentences in the target language, and often provides more professional wording.

2020-02-06 113159

The new DeepL translation system has been subjected to blind scientific tests in which 119 fragments of texts from various fields have been translated by DeepL Translator and competitive systems, including Google Translate and Microsoft Translator. In their opinion, professional translators chose the best results, not knowing which translations were generated by which system. As a result, translators chose DeepL translations four times more often than those of other systems.

DeepL artificial intelligence is available directly at