Death Stranding for PC will be offered by Epic Games Store and Steam

death stranding 1

Everyone will be pleased.

Today, the premiere of the game Death Stranding for the console PlayStation 4. The work of Hideo Kojima will also be able to play desktop supporters – this will happen next year (during the holiday season). The question is – on which platform will the production be made available?

Fortunately, this dilemma can be put on the shelf. It turns out that Death Stranding will appear on both Steamas well as on Epic Games Store. This treatment will certainly appeal to most players who hate one of the services mentioned above.

You can now place pre-orders. The basic version of the production costs usd 249.90, so we are dealing with a standard price. However, these are the only details about Death Stranding on the PC version.

We will have to wait a little longer for more information (such as hardware requirements or a specific release date). However, we have one piece of advice for you. If you are going to play Death Stranding on the PC, don't spoil your fun by reading various descriptions containing spoilers. There are still a few good months left to the debut, but it is worth enduring!

Source: Tech Radar