Cybercriminals attack Poles with an effective method from a few months ago


Fraudsters impersonate government institutions.

It seems that the fraudsters' campaign from June this year is returning with multiplied force. Cyber ​​criminals are impersonating again to the Ministry of Finance, the National Tax Administration or the Tax Information System. For many people scam seems obvious, but a lot of people are still getting involved in this method.

Mail from the Ministry of Finance? This is a scam

Each email contains a virus-infected text file (usually in .doc format), which the sender recommends urgently opening. Instead of the official form, you will download to your computers – after running – malware macros that can steal your login details for online banking and, as a result, deprive money or ransomware of blocking files and demanding a ransom.

It is worth noting that attachments in emails can have various extensions. Executable files with the .exe extension are usually associated with virus files, but Excel and Word documents are also infected, which infect computers after running the macros embedded in them.

How to avoid fraud?

First of all, identify the address field from which the message was sent. You can be sure that no government authority will send you email correspondence outside the .gov domain. The content of the message is also a red light. If you see typos in the email or – horror – grammar and spelling mistakes, then you can be sure that someone is trying to cheat you.

A sample email of cheaters is below. Pay attention to the polite formula "hello" in correspondence. Someone did not really try …

Ministry of Finance
swietokrzyska 12
NIP 5260250274
Regon 000002217

Hi, You are worried about the Federal Tax Service!

We remind you that you must provide us with a tax return for 2018, the declaration must specify the salary for 2018, and also calculate the percentage of tax payable.
The document with an example declaration can be found in the attached files to this letter. We expect an answer from you within 72 hours. You can also find contact information for contacting us in the document.
If we do not receive a response from you within 72 hours, we will be forced to take your case to court for further action.
Password for personal document pass061919

Ministry of Finance 2019

Stay tuned and have active anti-virus software on your computers. If excellent deposits occupied by Windows Defender in the rankings are not a sufficient recommendation for you, check it out the best free anti-virus programs from our list.