Cyber ​​Monday continues – beware of cheaters on OLX and Facebook


It's easy to lose a lot of money.

OLX swarmed with extremely attractive offers posted by Poles who bought equipment in stores as part of the promotion cheaply and want to resell it to others a little more expensive. In the sea of ​​completely real ads there are also those for issuing which fraudsters are responsible.

Electronics at an extremely attractive price? Carefully

On OLX, Facebook Marketplace and other classifieds websites swarmed not only with offers from honest people, but also scammers. They are usually products at very attractive prices, although not always so low that it arouses suspicion.

Fraudsters reply to both text messages and telephones. They try to lull the buyer's vigilance and gain his trust by offering sales through the Allegro platform.
olx facebook scam
Source: Trusted Third Party

The problem is that the domains they link to have nothing to do with the Polish purchasing service. The addresses usually contain the addresses and (the domains here are and, and should be that have nothing to do with Allegro. Attempting to switch to any of them results in a warning in the latest version of Chrome browser.

What is the scam?

An unsuspecting victim acquires an item on substituted page. In parallel, the cybercriminal acquires an identical product at the same price on Allegro, and then sends the buyer a link to … his payment on the Payu website. Attention is drawn here to the email address, which does not belong to you, but to the fraudster.

fake payu
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If you're fooled, you'll pay the cheater his order and you'll be left with nothing.

What is the moral of it? As always – always read it carefully before clicking the link and pay attention to whether it looks suspicious. If you have any doubts, please drop the transaction.

Remember that it is best to purchase OLX goods with personal pickup. Alternatively, you can use cash-on-delivery parcels, but never ever go for any prepaid forms. Never make any deposits or advances to anyone, because you will most likely never get your money back.

Source: Trusted Third Party