Creative takes audio realism to a new level with Super X-Fi Gen2

super xfi gen2 creative ces for free

Here's how much software means.

For many years, equipment manufacturers have adapted various technologies in their devices to ensure the highest quality of sound. Last year Creative presented the world with Super X-Fi, which was supposed to give the headphones users a listening experience just like multi-speaker systems playing in a professional studio. Fifteen Best of CES awards and positive reviews confirmed that the producer managed to achieve his goal. Now, during CES 2019, the brand surprised with the presentation of a new audio profile Super X-Fi Gen2.

Second generation Super X-Fi is to contain many improvements leading to a more natural listening experience. Interestingly, the new system will be implemented on days in all existing user profiles around the world. Yes, all you need is a free software update your product (compatible with Super X-Fi technology) via the SXFI app to enjoy even better sound. How good it is to live in times where simple updates can significantly change and improve existing equipment.

"At the beginning, our database of user profiles was tens of thousands. Over the past year, by introducing Super X-Fi, we've collected hundreds of thousands of user profiles. This significant leap in real data provided us with the opportunity for further research, and, importantly, allowed us to develop Super X-Fi AI to be even more accurate in personalizing the audio experience for our users. This was key to our development of the Super X-Fi Gen2 profile– said Lee Teck Chee, vice president of technology at Creative and inventor of Super X-Fi.

The main improvements obviously relate to sound quality. The manufacturer boasts that the new profile allows you to keep more details in surround sound, improves fidelity to the format recorded in the studio and the dynamics of individual tones. When watching movies, users will appreciate clearer dialogues as well as improved bass.

Creative states that Super X-Fi Gen2 not only improves the sound, but also the operating time of selected devices on battery. SXFI Air headphones are designed to work up to 10% longer on a single charge.

You can find information about SXFI technology and devices compatible with it at dedicated site of the manufacturer.