Confusion continues. Under the "Xbox Scarlett" slogan, there may be two consoles


So how will it end up?

Project Scarlett has been officially confirmed at this year's E3. It was long said that Microsoft is preparing two consoles – one with strong components, and the other dedicated to streaming gameplay. Xbox boss Phil Spencer denied these rumors in an interview.

A statement from such a high-ranking person ended speculation. Xbox Scarlett is one hardware – end of story. Spencer might not have been quite clear, however. The current order was decided to disturb the Kotaku editorial member, who published a rather interesting report.

Jason Schreier, editor of the abovementioned portal, reportedly talked to four reliable informants who are well informed about Microsoft's future plans. It turns out that the Redmond giant can actually work on two consoles – the successor of Xbox One X (Anaconda) and the continuer of Xbox One S (Lockhart).

According to Kotaku, Lockhart is expected to have limited options compared to the Anaconda model, but offer a very fast SSD drive and processor better than consoles currently on the market. "Reliable sources" claim that Lockhart (equipment created strictly for Project xCloud) is expected to be equal to PlayStation 4 Pro.

We are still dealing only with the report. Without Microsoft's official confirmation, we can get to the Scarlett Xbox launch, i.e. next year's holiday season. It is possible that the manufacturer will decide in the future to implement various variants of the new console. This was the case with Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku