Compromising celebrity data from the Samsung cloud has hit the network

Samsung cloud data leak

The Fappening 2020.

You certainly remember the affair hailed with the name "The Fappening" and also known as Celebgate. In mid-2014, over 500 private celebrity photos, mainly women, leaked from the Apple iCloud cloud to the web. They were primarily photos containing nudity, which can still be found in various nooks of the network to this day. In the end, it turned out to be the result of extensive phishing. It seems that a similar "leak" has just taken place from Samsung Cloud.

The theft of private data from the Samsung cloud in South Korea has already been hailed as the next The Fappening, although its range is much smaller. Cybercriminals got into compromising photos, movies and conversations of many South Korean stars – actors, K-Pop singers, famous chefs and many more. Criminals demand thousands of dollars from each person in exchange for not publishing materials.

Nate's South Korean website reports that some data has already been published on the web. Stolen content from the account of actor Jo Jin-Mo, who refused to pay the ransom, went to the Internet. Other artists reportedly pay criminals for fear of an outbreak of moral scandals related to their private lives.

At this time, it is not known how criminals gained access to Samsung Cloud accounts of individual celebrities. Most likely, he was able to get it using simple phishing methods, which can still be fooled by many people. If celebrities did not activate two-factor verification on their accounts, they significantly facilitated the activities of criminals.

Samsung has not yet issued a statement on this matter. Law enforcement authorities say that 10 injured artists have reported so far, but the scale of the attack could be much larger.

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