Climate change doesn't bother Facebook and Amazon. Yes, other companies


This is illustrated by a new statement on the Paris Agreement.

On December 12, 2015, at a Paris climate conference, 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, almost binding global climate agreement, the so-called Paris Agreement. As part of this agreement, a global action plan was set up to protect humanity from the threat of extreme climate change. As you know, in the beginning of November the United States began to officially withdraw from it.

Although the US authorities in particular Donald Trump denying climate change, they do not want to deal with the Paris Agreement, many American companies show the opposite attitude. Numerous trade unions from the USA and the bosses of a whole range of technological giants, such as Apple, Adobe, Google, HP, Microsoft or Tesla, have just signed a statement in which they openly support the agreement – United For The Paris Agreement.

"We, the undersigned, are a group of CEOs that employ over two million people in the United States and trade union leaders that represent 12.5 million employees. Together, we know that accelerating progress in combating climate change is the best for economic health, jobs and the competitiveness of our companies and our country. ", we read in a statement.

By their position, these companies call on the United States to remain in the Paris Agreement with them. Of course, the statement is not a binding provision and can only be a PR gamebut it perfectly shows the position of many companies.

the climate change

Among the giants who did not sign the statement were primarily Amazon and Facebook. Therefore, it seems that the good of the planet may be of little importance to these enterprises. While Facebook was pro-environmental and promised to fully switch to renewable energy by the end of 2020, Amazon has already been accused of neglecting climate change. Jeff Bezos was accused of, among other things, the lack of a developed strategy to combat these changes.

Recall that in connection with climate change Thousands of scientists from around the world are sounding the alarm. In their opinion, the climate crisis is progressing faster and is more serious than expected. It threatens natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity. I hope, therefore, that for some reason the United States will suddenly decide to return to the Paris Agreement by listening to calls from companies and trade unions signed under the United For The Paris Agreement statement.

Source: United For The Paris Agreement