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Google Chrome 79 fixes

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Google works really fast. A few days after sharing on the web the new Chrome 79 web browser millions of users were found to be at risk of losing their data. Due to the change of storage location and the related incorrect data migration from localStorage and WebSQL, some applications using WebView in Chrome have lost access to important data. Therefore the company has paused the update. The American giant has just announced that the necessary patches have been implemented.

One of the entries in the changelog just published on the web is:

– WebView bug fix: Addresses an issue in WebView that caused some users' application data not to be seen in those applications. Application data has not been lost and will be visible in applications thanks to this update. See

So if you have experienced any problems after installing Chrome 79, I am happy to inform you that these have already been averted. People who have not yet decided to use the latest version of Chrome should in my opinion as soon as possible. "Checking passwords" is a new feature of Google Chrome that is really great and nowadays invaluable. It appeared in Chrome 79 and is in itself a great argument for trying this browser.

Download Chrome 79 right now – if you don't like it, you'll simply go back to your previous browser.

Source: Google