Chrome 77 for Android – I've been waiting for such new things in the browser!


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After update Chrome browsers for Windows, Linux and Mac, it's time for Android. The manufacturer has released the latest version designated number 77 for mobile devices, and the browser itself has gained really interesting news.

People using Chrome on both a computer and a smartphone will certainly appreciate it data synchronization. Access to your browsing history, bookmarks or saved passwords on any device where you have logged in to Chrome can be invaluable and extremely comfortable.

The latest version of Chrome further extends data transfer between different devices. From now you can send an open card directly to one of the devices where you have logged into the browser with a Google account.

Just go to the mobile browser menu (three dots on the right next to the address bar) and select an option Provide … and then Send to yours.

chrome 77 cards

The card will be made available for the selected device – if it is a computer with Windows 10, the Chrome browser will display a notification. The alert contains the page name, URL and the name of the device providing. Below you can see how it looks in practice.

2019-09-12 091236

This is not the only novelty. The team responsible for browser development has also modified download area. Now, in the place where the downloaded files are presented, we will find tabs, and the files are divided thematically (video, graphics, other, etc.). Another change is the "Articles for You" tab, which shows the content that Google automatically stores. This feature is not yet available.

2019-09-12 091853

The Chrome 77 browser is now available on Android and Windows, Linux and Mac OS. There will also be a corresponding update for Chrome OS soon.

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