China is putting a curfew on computer games


No more playing at night, and more.

How much China is interfering in the lives of its citizensand also, how much their rights limit them, he can be astounding. Now the state intends to limit these rights even more by focusing on young people playing video games. Among other things, a new type of curfew will be introduced – one that will reduce the time spent by teenagers in online games.

When the curfew comes into effect, Chinese under 18 will not be able to play online games between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. In addition, from Monday to Friday, the same people will be able to spend only 90 minutes a day playing, and on weekends and holidays up to three hours a day.

At curfew, changes don't stop. The authorities will also limit how much money people of particular ages will be able to spend in games. For teenagers from 16 to 18 years old, we speak of up to 400 yuan per month (around usd 220), and for younger players – 200 yuan per month (around usd 110).


The Chinese authorities also have plans to introduce in their country user registration system based on real personal data – name and surname. Such a system would allow players to check their identities based on the Chinese national database of citizens. Under the new regulations, game developers themselves will have to pay more attention to supervising their consumers. Companies that fail to comply will lose their license to monetize their products.

Admittedly, not all of the regulations that China will introduce are bad. Limiting the expenditure of minors in video games seems to be a pretty good idea. However, it seems to me that China is too radical in trying to fight addiction to play.

I am extremely curious how the new regulations will affect the Chinese gaming market. At the moment, China is the largest video game market in the world, which in 2018 generated revenue of USD 38 billion. Who knows if this result will be beaten in the coming years.

Source: CNN