China is getting closer to launch its own GPS system

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Huge competition for Americans.

China announced that by the first half of 2020 it will be able to launch its competitor for the US-operated global network of positioning systems – thereby increasing its independence from US-supplied technologies. Chinese Beidou satellite network will be the first service to compete with the popular GPS. Just now 70% of Chinese smartphones available on the market will be able to connect with her – reports created by Nikkei.

The Beidou network is one part of China's long-term plan to dominate the next generation of telecommunications services and thereby push the US to the background. China plans to launch the last two satellites needed to launch Beidou by June 2020. This type of information was provided by the director of the entire project, Ran Chengqi.


Beidou already has 120 partners ready to cooperate with the entire service – all contracts have been signed as part of a growing Chinese infrastructure initiative. Beidou along with 5G will be used to create fully autonomous vehicles traveling on the roads in the Middle Kingdom.

Own positioning system is also a smaller threat in the event of war or other conflict. The US can prohibit the use of GPS to selected countries, virtually whenever it wants. China, creating its own network, will be completely independent and will not be subject to the regulations of GPS creators. It has long been known that space is a space of strategic importance to the Chinese government. For the record, The Chinese want to send a probe to Mars and create their own space station by 2022.

It is estimated that by 2020 the value of goods and services associated with the Beidou system will be valued at $ 57 billion. This number may not be representative, but it perfectly shows the increasing economic power of China in the context of technologies and their applications.

Source: TechCrunch