Changes in Google One! The new function of automatic smartphone backup is brilliant


Much better than the current function.

If you've ever used the Virtual Google Drive, you probably know that it was replaced by Google One some time ago. The new service "absorbed" the disk, while offering several additional features. She has just got the one that will be the most important for many.

Google One now offers all subscribers the ability to automatically back up data from Android smartphones. What's more, if several people use one Google account on their devices – for example the whole family, then their data backup lands in the same place, with files divided by users. Wait a minute wasn't it already? I explain.

Until now, only selected data (applications, call history, contact, calendar and settings) constituted the data backup. From now on, to put it briefly … much better!

What is included in the Android backup of Google One? Well everything. There can be automatically sent photos (in maximum quality), videos, SMS, MMS, contacts and applications. In a word: it is a comprehensive and great service that will save you four letters in the event of permanent damage or loss of your smartphone. It's really worth using it.

google one android backup

How to enable advanced automatic backup of your Android smartphone to Google One? You need to download the Google One application to your smartphone – we have it in its file database. After installation, the program will immediately suggest creating multimedia backups on the device thanks to the additional data space package. Select the option you are interested in and uncheck the option for your own good "Backup by cellular data transmission" – it is better to do it via Wi-Fi (photos and videos "weigh" a lot!). That's all! Data backup will be created on a regular basis.

How to enable basic auto backup of your Android smartphone? Just go to the Settings menu and then select Google. From this menu, click Backup and then check if Google Drive backup is enabled.

How much does Google One cost? Well, the fee is really low. The price of Google One is PLN 8.99 per month for 100 GB of disk space. You will pay PLN 13.99 for 200 GB, and the cost of 2 TB of virtual space is PLN 46.99. In the case of two larger packages, you can use the annual subscription – its cost is PLN 139.99 a year (PLN 27.89 cheaper) and PLN 469.99 a year (PLN 93.89 cheaper, respectively). Other options are mainly for companies – you have to pay for them:

Google One 10 TB – PLN 469.99 / month
Google One 20 TB – 939.99 PLN / month
Google One 30 TB – PLN 1399.99 / month

Source: Google, inf. own