CD Projekt RED "kills" console versions of Gwent

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There is an important reason behind the decision.

GWENT apparently did not do well on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. CD Projekt RED decided to stop supporting these versions of the popular multiplayer card game. The developer argues, however, in a slightly different way – equally logical and likely.

The Polish manufacturer made GWENT available for new generation consoles in 2017. After more than two years, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have to say goodbye to the title, all due to … the premiere of production for the mobile iOS system. CD Projekt RED believes that:

"The release of GWENT for iOS has increased the number of platforms we support, and after the release of the Android version – it will increase even more. Looking to the future, we have realized that we will not be able to equally support so many different versions of the Witcher Card Game. "

However, you should look at the positive aspects of the whole process. All console players of GWENT will be able to copy all their progress and purchases to the GOG account. Thanks to this, users will be given the option of switching to a PC or mobile devices.

CD Projekt RED will launch December 9 a special website with instructions on how to transfer your game progress. The ability to copy data will be available until June 9, 2020. The game will remain available on consoles until then, but its functionality will be limited.

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