Cars for minutes in Poland have finally become cheaper


Especially at rush hour.

I once shared my own with you opinion on scooters rented for minutes. I thought then that it was expensive fun, and most of you agreed with me. In my opinion, the issue of renting cars for minutes looked no different. In congested cities, using them was simply expensive. Now this may change, and Traficar made the first step in the right perspective from a consumer perspective.

Traficar decided to introduce completely on November 14 new car rental price list for minutes. From now on, the fee will be charged only for the minutes traveled, not for the time spent in the car. No payment for the rental time will offset the entry fee in some way. The argument for a change for a security issue – it seems to me that the desire to attract more consumers. Anyway: the right move.

The new Trafficar price list looks tempting

Until now, a driver using Traficar had to pay 80 groszy for each kilometer driven and 50 grosze for every minute spent in the car. The maximum daily fee for driving time was usd 75, i.e. the equivalent of 2.5 hours of driving. After this time, the meter only filled in kilometers traveled.

It is introduced from November 14 entry fee in the amount of usd 2.99. The cost of traveling one kilometer will be usd 1.50. Rental for 24 hours will be associated with a starting fee of usd 75 and a fee of usd 0.06 per kilometer. All this in the case of passenger cars – vans are slightly more expensive.

Ah, at night every minute of parking involves a fee of usd 0.01, and during the day (from 7am to 11pm) – usd 0.15.

At peak times – cheaper. But beyond them …

At first glance, it may seem cheaper to travel by Traficara cars in heavy traffic and in traffic jams. It's true – the inhabitants of traffic jams will feel the most. Traficar himself boasts of the difference in rush hour prices in five cities where their cars can be found. These are significant.

traficar new price list

However, I wonder how things will look outside the rush hour. It is easy to calculate if you know the average travel time outside the key points of your city.

Will new prices make you try this method of transport?

Source: Traficar