Byte is the new Vine. 6-second videos will conquer the world

byte application download

The new application of the co-founder of Vine.

Vine was a Twitter application that once revolutionized social media and laid the foundation for the success of websites like TikTok. Vine made it possible to record extremely short, 6-second videos that users could share with Internet users from around the world. Twitter closed the site in 2017, but one of its co-founders, Dom Hofmann, decided to act, still seeing the potential in his work. The result of his work is the Byte application, which you can already download on Android and iOS.

Byte returns to the idea of ​​recording short, 6-second movies. Are you wondering what can be included in such a short material and you think "that it makes no sense"? Then see any of the builds "best vines" on YouTube. You will quickly understand that Vine and Byte simply require a little bit of creativity, which is something that many creators lack today. The application developers themselves use the advertising slogan "creativity first", i.e. "creativity first".

Down Byte you log in without any problems using your Google account or Apple ID. Is it worth it If you already use TikTok, Snapchat and similar, then you should definitely give the app a chance. There are many indications that it brings a big breath of freshness to your daily social media review.

Is Byte the same as Vine? Rate it yourself.