BullGuard provides improved security packages for 2020

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Security for everyone.

Bullguard has released the latest versions of its software for 2020 that allows comprehensively protect personal computers against all kinds of threats. BullGuard Premium Protection, Internet Security and Antivirus packages have been enriched with new solutions – including integration with BullGuard VPN, machine learning in the Sentry engine and the secure web browser Secure Browser.

BullGuard Secure Browser is a web browser available in the BullGuard Premium Protection and BullGuard Internet Security packages.

Application developers ensure that it is a tool ensuring the highest level of security during operations on bank accounts, online purchases, as well as while performing other, completely trivial activities.

The browser protects against the most popular forms of attacks such as rootkits, remote attacks, or man-in-the-browser threats, while being able to detect phishing sites. It automatically blocks malicious plugins and prevents DNS and TLS / SLS spoofing.

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Machine learning used in behavioral engine Sentry evaluates and categorizes threats even when the computer user uses it offline. The new system shows minimal demand for computer resources and can fight malware even when it cuts off access to the network. Importantly, the news related to machine learning have found their way to all three packages this year.

Another important innovation is improved identity protection system. The new edition of BullGuard Identity Protection monitors even more websites for data leaks, making sure that the user's data has not appeared anywhere on the network – also on the Dark Web. The user can decide for what elements the Internet is searched – email addresses, payment card numbers, bank account details, telephone numbers, identity documents and more. The function works in 13 countries around the world, including Poland.

You can download trial versions of the new BullGuard applications from our file database:

Licenses for the full versions of BullGuard programs can be found on offer Vebo.pl store.

Source: BullGuard