Brilliant! Google Maps will soon show well lit roads

google lightning maps

Traveling at night will be safer.

Have you ever had a night in an unfamiliar city when you came across an unlit street? You probably didn't feel comfortable at that time. Who knows who might be lurking in her darkness and what intentions he might have. As it turns out, you will soon be able to avoid such situations, because it looks like it is being prepared for Maps a function that makes it easier to hold illuminated places at night.

The new feature will apparently provide next Map layer (such as Traffic or Bicycle Routes). It is to show which streets are bright at night and which are not. The former will be marked on the map in yellow.

Google itself has not yet presented this feature. The fact that it is being prepared is evidenced by the lines of code discovered in one of the beta releases of Map – v10.31.0. These lines are as follows:

Yellow lines show streets with good lighting
No lighting info available
Poor to no lighting
See how brightly lit the streets are
Good lighting
New! See how brightly lit the streets are
"Lighting view isn't available at this zoom or in this region"
Zoom in more to see lighting data."

night street

It is not clear based on what Google Maps will determine if a street is well lit or not. That said, Google certainly found the right solution. Finally, the company has extensive experience in collecting data and creating maps.

Since so far the function is known only through the Google Maps source code, there are no screenshots where we could show it, at least for now. We hope that this will change as soon as possible. We are looking forward to official news about it and information about the first tests.