Books by Sapkowski bestseller of Amazon. The Witcher hit the summit


Such information makes us happy.

Andrzej Sapkowski can be adored or hated. The creator of the character Geralt of Rivia and author of books from the Witcher universe is a controversial person, arousing very extreme emotions, maybe a little self-righteous, but without a doubt a very talented one. No matter what you think about him, by the way, Christmas, smile from ear to ear and fold your hands to applause. Dear readers, "The Witcher" books have just become bestsellers on Amazon and Google Books.

CD Projekt has recently announced an agreement with Andrzej Sapkowski, under which the writer probably received a generous fee for cooperation. The Witcher on Netflix breaks popularity records, despite mixed reviews. In addition, on the wave of popularity of the series Books are becoming more and more popular. These holidays are really a successful period of life for Andrzej Sapkowski. The works of the Polish writer are now sold in many well-known stores in their categories better than the works of Tolkien and even Stephen King – both in printed and electronic form.

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I don't know about you, but I think it is extremely nice that the writer has finally found himself in the spotlight in global terms and has been somewhat rewarded for staying in recent years as if in the shadow of games by a Polish studio. He deserved. No matter what, he really deserved.

In what order to read The Witcher – books and stories?

Many people started learning Andrzej Sapkowski's music only after playing one of the games by CD Projekt RED. Others eager to read The Witcher after watching the Netflix series. Regardless of Mr. Sapkowski's motivation, books and stories, it's worth reading and doing it in the right order. In which I have prepared a short download for you:

1. "The Way One Does Not Return" (story)
2. "Grain of truth" (short story)
3. "Lesser Evil" (short story)
4. "World's Edge" (short story)
5. "Last Wish" (story)
6. "Season of Storms" (novel)
7. "Price issue" (story)
8. The Witcher (short story)
9. "Voice of Reason" (short story)
10. "Limits of possibilities" (story)
11. "Ice Crumb" (short story)
12. "Eternal fire" (short story)
13. "A little sacrifice" (story)
14. "Sword of Destiny" (story)
15. "Something more" (story)
16. "Blood of the Elves" (novel)
17. "Time of Contempt" (Novel)
18. "Baptism of fire" (novel)
19. "Swallow Tower" (novel)
twenty. "Lady of the Lake" (novel)

Now you probably know what to read for Christmas, right? You can easily buy most of the above-mentioned ones not only in physical form, but also in electronic form. So there is hope that even if you don't have any "Witcher" books at home, then you will jump into the universe you like almost on demand.

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Alternatively, you can simply play any of the games. The Witcher 1 and The Witcher 2 are available literally for a few zlotys, and The Witcher 3 with extras … not much more expensive. Games by CD Projekt RED perfectly reflect the atmosphere of books and are also a good way to learn the phenomenon of the creativity of Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski.