Blizzard bans the player to please China. The community is protesting

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Has the Hearthstone tournament regulations been broken?

The big storm is taking place among the Blizzard community. The hot spot is the company's decision to ban a professional player by name Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai from the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament, depriving him of cash prizes and banning him from an annual ban on participation in official competitions. The reason is the post-match statement of the young man in which he expressed his own support for demonstrators demonstrating in Hong Kong. By the way, commentators talking with the e-sportsman also lost their jobs.

Blizzard motivates his decision by violating the regulations, specifically point 6.1. Under it players "may not in any way offend the audience and negatively affect Blizzard's image". It is debatable whether someone could be offended by the shouted words "Free Hong Kong! This is a revolution of our time!".

The record of the speech is presented in the following tweet.

The player has already commented on the matter saying that took riskbut he could not remain passive and not express his opinion on such an important issue. He also said that the attention of the world should be turned to the place where bad things happen.

Blizzard in its statement wrote that they respect the right to express their own opinions, but these must comply with the regulations. Blizzard has deleted the interview record from its servers and for reasons known only to itself he dismissed the commentators immediatelywho did not have the slightest effect on the player's words.

The Internet community stood up for the player and commentators and began calling for a boycott of the company. In their opinion, Blizzard clearly did not want to risk losing reputation and falling income from games in China, which are inhabited by about 1.4 billion people, which is why he took such radical actions. In response, the company blocked its subreddit on Reddit, which was a spark of conflict.

Some American senators are outraged by Blizzard's decision. Ron Wyden said "Blizzard is humiliating himself to please the Chinese Communist Party." Senator Marco Rubio followed him.

Source: twitter. Blizzard, photo Title: Reddit