Blind spot in the car. A 14-year-old girl solved this problem

How do you know a good invention? Solves a real problem at a low cost. Just like the construction of 14-year-old Alaina Gassler. Her invention was created from public parts and eliminates the blind spot of the car.

Blind spots are zones around the car that the driver cannot see through the glass or in the mirrors. Despite the efforts of car designers, there will always be a place obscured by pillars between the windows and in which a pedestrian or other car will fit. Most car manufacturers ignore this problem, even though the solution is within easy reach.

You do not need a driving license to view the problem

Pennsylvania Alaina Gassler is 14 years old. Although she is too young to legally drive a car, already solved one of the most serious problems of drivers. Using easily accessible devices, she constructed a system that completely removes the blind spot. The driver may feel as if he did not have bars between the windows at all.

Alaina installed a projector in the car that displays on the pillar an image from the camera pointing outside the car. Using a 3D printer, she built a structure that allowed her to almost perfectly combine the projection on the pillar with the view through the windows of the car. This gives the impression that the passenger side column has become transparent.

The world heard about Alaina's invention thanks to a scientific competition. The device that removes the blind spot of the car is part of a larger project "Improving Automobile Safety by Removing Blind Spots", presented during the Broadcom MASTERS competition for students of American schools. Alaina won the main prize of 25,000 dollars.

I want it in the car

I hope that Alaina's invention will go to real cars. It could save a lot of people, and it doesn't distract the driver at all. The ultra-short throw projector can be placed close to the post, so the passenger will not interfere with its operation. Such a system should be standard equipment such as mirrors and seat belts. Modern cars already have so many cameras that one more should not cause problems.

Proximity sensors, similar to reversing sensors, are fitted to some cars to warn of invisible objects – for example, the Citroën system displays pictograms on the mirrors. Alaina's invention brings to mind Jaguar Land Rover conceptbut it is much simpler.

British designers came up with the idea to cover the inside of the car pillars with screens. The image from external cameras is to appear on the pillars when the driver looks in a given direction and during maneuvers. In my opinion it's too complicated. I don't mind if the image is displayed on the bars all the time.

I'm just worried about the price of these systems. The automotive industry will not miss the opportunity to get extra money from us.

source: Society for Science