BLIK will work worldwide. You will be able to pay with it contactless


This is fantastic news.

Polish Payment Standard, which is the operator of the mobile payment system BLIK has signed a contract with Mastercard. What does this mean for customers? A very important thing. From now on, you will be able to use BLIK throughout the world and also use contactless payments. This is the fulfillment of promises that originally appeared in December 2018. The most important, however, is the fact that all terminals that support Mastercard contactless payments will also be able to accept payments via BLIK.

The BLIK payment standard is very popular in Poland. In the second quarter of this year was made with its help almost 50 million transactions. Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, president of PSP claims that users love BLIK, and thanks to cooperation with Mastercard the payment process will be further simplified. It is also acceleration for the development of the entire platform. The contactless version of BLIK is expected to appear over the next two quarters. It can therefore be assumed that it will be able to pay contactless payments as early as next spring.


How will all this work? BLIK contactless will benefit from integration with the Mastercard Digital Enablement Services service. Payments will be initiated and authenticated directly in the bank's mobile application that supports BLIK technology. Mastercard boasts the security of the entire process and the maximum convenience of the user himself. It is estimated that from contactless BLIK 90 percent of Polish bank customers will be able to use it. This is a fantastic result.

BLIK is another standard used by Poles. In the age of Google Pay and Apple Pay it's definitely a good alternative for people who have a smartphone without a built-in NFC chip. More and more online stores are offering this type of payment method.

Currently, there is nothing else to do but wait for new changes.

Source: Rzeczpospolita