Black Friday in Polish. NTT System refuses to release sold goods [Aktualizacja]


Poor distributor attitude.

Surely you have enough news about the next sales bombing you from every side for over a week in connection with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Relax, this time we will not offer any of the offers, and we will present you an unpleasant situation perfectly illustrating what sometimes turns into Black Friday in Poland.

The official OnePlus smartphone distributor, not so small company NTT System S.A., organized on Black Friday on Allegro the sale of OnePlus 7 Pro smartphones. The smartphone sold every day in the store for usd 2899 could be bought 15% cheaper, at a price of usd 2464.15. Many people were tempted by the opportunity and bought equipment on November 29 and November 30. However, there was a problem.

NTT System does not want to release sold OnePlus smartphones

People who bought smartphones – and most likely did so on November 30 – received letters from NTT System in which the company avoids finalizing the transaction. One of the victims is a user of who posted the magazine on the web. Seller in his "Seller's statement on evasion of the effects of a declaration of intent made due to error" raises such shockingly absurd arguments and formulates the letter in such a brazen way that we will decide to present them in full.

ntt oneplus system 1

Attention is drawn to fragments marked in green. The seller refers to his mistake of a significant nature – after all, the sale price was up to (!) 15% (!) Lower than the official price of the device. Accordingly, according to NTT System "in a clear and unambiguous manner" (!!!) it indicated an error "so obvious that the buyer could easily see it". Next is the fragment, which is pure insolence. The seller suggests that buyers may have seen this "(…) without even further checking and comparing prices with offers from other sellers, guided only by the principles of logic and life experience".

Guided by "principles of logic and life experience" at most one can conclude that Black Friday is a joke in some Polish stores.

NTT System indicates a 15% price reduction as "of course too high". Dear readers, discounts of 70% or more abroad are not surprising. In fact, there were some great promotions this year in Poland. Meanwhile, according to representatives of NTT System, the reduction in the price of goods in Poland by 15% on the weekend between Black Friday and Black Friday is a deviation from the norm, which clearly indicates a mistake of the seller.

The NTT System has risked the loss of benefits for many people. Those not deciding to take advantage of the store offer could buy their dream smartphone anywhere else. Meanwhile, the promotions are already over, and the OnePlus distributor is doing everything to make the consumer harmed.

"Now I have frozen money, broken humor and no phone I have been hunting all through the black week.", the user of Wykop writes about the nickname @ light3nwho is one of the victims.

NTT System could face the situation, but instead led to an extremely unpleasant and embarrassing situation. Especially in the context of the comment that its representatives published a week ago at Wykopie, as if as part of an ironic joke.

ntt system oneplus 2

We keep our fingers crossed for buyers and we hope that the company will not be able to get out of the contract so easily.

(Update, 15:30): The official NTT System position regarding the whole incident was sent to our editorial inbox.

The company explains that "As a result of a system error on November 30, an additional discount was charged for products sold online by NTT System. As a result, the OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB / 256GB Almond phone was offered at a price that is inadequate to market realities for this product group. NTT System as a OnePlus distributor cannot artificially lower the product price and offer it well below the market price. " At the same time, the distributor defends that "15% additional rebate for the consumer electronics segment is an amount unattainable in official distribution channels."

The Internet sales team is responsible for sending a controversial email in the eyes of many, who acted quickly to protect the interests of NTT System. Now company representatives call the decision a name "hasty and wrong". Here it is time for good news for buyers:

"Because customers' rights are absolutely respected at NTT System, a decision was made to meet the terms of the contract by making purchases. "

NTT System has already sent appropriate emails to customers who purchased a OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB / 256GB Almond phone on November 30.

We are glad that the case has found a happy ending for consumers.