Bill Gates revealed his secret project. It will be a revolution

bill gates heliogen

Technology that can change the world.

Bill Gates has just announced that he is involved in a new project that could revolutionize heavy industry. Billionaire, entrepreneur, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft in one person he invested in a startup called Heliogen, which is working on a technology that converts sun rays into a heat source with a temperature exceeding 1000 degrees, which is to help replace fossil fuels with an ecological alternative.

The project supported by the richest man in the world is led by Bill Gross, who has already built the first new generation solar plant in Lancaster, California. Its creators state that thanks to the technologies used it can be obtained three times more heatthan existing constructions.

In the photo in the media we can see dozens of computer-controlled mirrorsthat absorb the sun's rays and allow their energy to be stored in a special "solar oven". Temperature reaching 1500 degrees Celsius it helps to separate hydrogen molecules from water, creating gas for heating homes or fueling cars. This technology can also be used in the production of glass, steel or cement. Suffice it to say that cement plants alone are responsible for up to 7% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

The great advantage of the technology presented by the American startup is low implementation cost. Considering the high efficiency and effectiveness of modern power plants, it looks like they've actually found a good recipe to stop climate change. Bill Gates says Heliogen can help reduce global CO2 reduction by up to 20%.

Source: Heliogen