Biedronka 2077. Training of employees of a well-known chain of stores is taking a new level

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Life support system activated.

The Biedronka chain of stores may not boast the best access to emergency exits, the fastest customer service or the most spacious store interiors, but it may have the most modern employee training system in Poland. The company's press office has just boasted that it has started educating its crew with help VR sets in 8 stores in Poland.

"We started the VR tests because it is a convenient tool that realistically teaches skills that are difficult or expensive in traditional learning. At this point, we implement the solution with one of the most demanding processes in the store – baking bread. The advantage of VR goggles is that they enable multiple exercises, but also make mistakes in a safe environment. They are also an attractive element of introducing new people to work. ", we read in the message.

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Store employees in Bydgoszcz, Gliwice, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Łódź, Koszalin, Warsaw and Zielona Góra are moving to the virtual world to move goods there on shelves, use bread tongs, open doors (sic!), Or sign documents. Why are even such trivial activities transferred to the virtual world? Hard to say.

Biedronka in her message gives an example of training in virtual reality baking bread. There, the employee learns the principles of health and safety and hygiene, and self-baking with immediate feedback after completing the exercises. Only after such training comes the turn to polish skills in the store, from the perspective of the mentor.

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I wonder how new methods will improve the quality of customer service in the Biedronka chain of stores and the level of employee training.