Bidding on the "Nintendo Play Station" prototype has started. The price has exceeded 48 thousand dollars

nintendo play station 2

I wonder how much the device will be sold for.

We informed you about the title auction at the end of last year. Auction announcement aroused interest in the world media, but for almost two months of silence emotions dropped slightly. It just so happens that the prototype of the mysterious console "Nintendo Play Station" just hit the hammer and the first people are already fighting for it.

It is worth recalling the context of all the confusion. The aforementioned equipment is the result of unsuccessful cooperation between Sony and Nintendo – if things went differently, then the video games industry would probably be different from the one we know today. Only 200 prototype consoles were produced, of which one of them was once in the hands of Terry Diebold.

nintendo playstation 1

The man was very lucky. In 2009 he was an employee of the bankrupt company Advanta Corporation, whose president was Olaf Olafsson. In turn, this individual placed the position of general director of Sony Computer Entertainment in the 1990s. Luckily, Olaf left one of the "Nintendo Play Station" prototypes in the Advanta archives. The aforementioned Terry came into his possession 11 years ago.

The equipment has been functional and can play music CDs. Due to the fact that no dedicated software was produced for this console – its capabilities are limited. However, it cannot be denied that having in your collection probably one of the most known and mysterious "artifacts" of the video game industry is a privilege in itself.

At the time of writing this article, the price for the device is 48 thousand dollars. This amount will certainly increase more than once. You can bid until March 6 – then the legitimate live auction will take place. We will not fail to inform you about its result.

Source: Polygon