Be careful, scammers pretend to be ZUS and send fake emails

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 14:06, Written by Mateusz Ponikowski

ZUS virus

A message with a dangerous attachment.

Every month, Internet scammers target a new target audience to smuggle malware onto their computers. Experts from CERT Polska this time they warn against a new one email campaign with malware.

Criminals send messages impersonating Social Security and urge you to open the attachment with the alleged "Health premium application". Don't be fooled, opening an attachment can infect your computer with malware NetWire, which enables criminals to steal passwords, among others.

11/09/2019 141026
Fałszywa e-mail / Photo: CERT Polska

These and similar incidents can be reported on the site CERT recommends caution and forwarding information so that people potentially at risk of attack are aware of the existence of a campaign.

Source: CERT Polska