Banana Phone, or how to talk through a banana

banana phone

For lovers of watermelon-shaped case.

In a world where lance counts, and young people dream of the latest smartphones iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy S, appears ON. Phone – Banana. And basically … a handset that looks like a banana, through which you can successfully conduct conversations. This can burn in the circles of people wearing a watermelon pouch and various other quirks. The first generation did not succeed, but the second, better one is coming.

Contrary to appearances, the new Banana Phone is not a telephone. It's a headset that uses Bluetooth technology, which connects to a smartphone through it. The improved version of the previous, moderately popular gadget returns with a significant novelty: it can play music, and the quality of conversations has been dramatically improved. On Banana Phone, for example, you can listen to a piece of Bananaphone. Why not?

In an interview with The Verge, the president of Banana Phone LLC announced that the battery in the handset will allow up to 20 hours of conversation. Price? Tangible, $ 39.99, or around usd 150.

A practical gadget? Not necessarily. Imagine, however, having a conversation in public space through what looks like a real banana. It is worth it, just for the reactions of the surroundings.

The previous generation of Banana Phone looked like this:

Source: FCC. The verge