Awful Adobe move. Users of older Photoshop cut off to activation servers, the program is dead

Adobe CS3

Can it be explained?

Imagine this situation: in 2007 you are buying a mid-range car. 13 years pass, and the vehicle is still matter and fit for traffic. Meanwhile, with the new year, the manufacturer remotely disables you from starting the ignition … absurd right? Welcome to the Adobe world.

The metaphor that takes us from the world of computers to the automotive industry perfectly describes the situation in which users found Adobe professional solutions. It turns out that with the beginning of 2020 the company definitely ended support for the CS3 package, and users wanting to activate the software stayed on ice.

2019-07-03 132110
Telephone activation of Photoshop CS3

Activation problems last year I felt for myself, details can be found In this article. In short: in July 2019 I tried to activate old but still functional software Adobe Photoshop CS3which I acquired for quite a few years ago. It turned out that using the original product key that I received with the box, I cannot activate the program. Adobe technical support staff informed me that activation servers have been disabled and I should buy newer software, preferably in subscription.

After a considerable battle, however, I was able to activate the product – it was helped by a more competent Adobe employee who sent me to a website (which is no longer available) where I could generate a new product key and also provided a link to download the package.

CS3 is dead

Today a reader contacted me asking for help with activation. After a short conversation and paging the Adobe forum the matter became clear – Adobe no longer provides replacement keys or activation-free installers. This means that a person who wants to install a legitimate program bought for even several thousand zlotyscan't do it.

2020-01-10 133838

CS3 activation servers are gone. Adobe has terminated access to installers free of activation and replacement serial numbers. Customer service staff cannot help in this matter. CS3 is officially dead and gone. – we read on the Adobe forum.

It's hard to blame Adobe for not supporting the product that premiered in 2007. However, this is not just about support. Users of startup software are unlikely to demand patches and upgrades, they only require access to the product you bought. In this situation it is practically impossible.

Such practices, which definitely force users to change to the latest software available in the subscription, will certainly have a negative impact on the company's image.