Audio Video Show 2019 has proved once again: sky is the limit


Hear the audio system for usd 2 million? Here you are.

Exhibition Audio Video Show (AVS) is one of the most anticipated events in our country in the world of audio and video, during which we can find unusual products. The event attracts an increasing number of exhibitors from year to year, and the presented devices are often available in amounts similar to the prices of luxury cars or apartments.

Undoubtedly taking place in Warsaw 23rd edition of the AVS is a real treat primarily for fans of sound, and second of all image. The amount of equipment presented this year is huge. Most of the products are in the hi-end category, which in a nutshell means unique design, the highest quality of materials and components used, manufacture and high price.

In law 170 adapted rooms, located at the National Stadium and in the apartments and rooms of the Radisson Blu Sobieski and Golden Tulip hotel, you can participate, among others in chamber auditions of in-house audio devices. The largest exhibition space is located at PGE Narodowy, where, among others, special headphone zone. You will probably ask, what is so special about it? Well, among the dozens of exhibitors you can find items both budget and absolutely unique.

We find products dedicated to smartphones / portable wireless players, monitors, headphones, channel, with noise reduction – in a word, everything that only the soul of a music lover desires. Each visitor can personally test selected headphones.

A set was also to be available on AVS HiFi MAN Susvara together with the dedicated EF1000 amplifier. The price of such a set is 80 thousand. zł. According to my information, the amplifier unfortunately got stuck at customs control and probably will not be able to bring equipment for the duration of the Audio Video Show. As a replacement, along with HiFi Man Susvara headphones, a device from Viva appeared. Sound geeks will probably spend long hours testing individual headphone models, including Beyerdynamic, Audio Technika, Pioneer, Audeze, or Final Paino Forte IX, which resemble jewelry or Meza Empyrean – the first isodynamic headphones in the world).

HiFi MAN Susvara

Audio Video Show also includes speakers / loudspeakers and audio systems. The number of products offered is huge and it is impossible to listen to all the devices thoroughly within 3 days of the exhibition. Located in the Studio TV2 hall at PGE Narodowy, the Gryphon Audio Designs system, which includes: Kodo Mephisto Solo monoblock speakers, Pandora preamplifier and the latest CD player – Ethos, costs almost usd 2 million.

Gryphon Audio Designs

Personally, however, I was more personalized by the futuristic reference system MBL with Radialstrahler mbl 101 Xtreme speakers (the price of a set of columns is usd 870,000). For several minutes I had the opportunity to listen to this equipment and admit that the location of the music scene and sound space is unimaginable.

Radialstrahler mbl 101 Xtreme

As I mentioned before, the exhibition features an extremely wide range of loudspeakers from well-known companies, such as Focal, Bowers & Willkins and Tonsil. In addition to expensive sets, highly commercial products are also available, which are within the reach of the average consumer. JBL, Harman / Kardon, Onkyo, Polk Audio present their devices.

The soundbar display looked very interesting Sennheiser Ambeo for over 10,000 zł. I must admit that I couldn't deny myself the pleasure of listening to this exclusive playing beam for a few minutes.

Sennheiser Ambeo

Image fanatics will probably direct their first steps to the stands of the companies Philips, Panasonic and TCL. Each of the producers listed has some interesting pearls from the TV receivers segment.

And so for TCL we have X10 with backlight module mini LED and an integrated soundbar signed by the Onkyo brand. At the Panasonic stand, OLED GZ2000 stands out above all, which you will soon be able to read in my extensive review on our website. The Japanese organic matrix receiver is said to be one of the best OLED TVs available on our market.

At Philips we will find several models, of which the 65 "OLED + 984 (at a price of usd 24 thousand) arouses the most interest with the sound system from Bowers & Wilkins. The design of this TV is absolutely hi-end, because among others it refers to the design taken from TV sets from Leowe Bild 7.65 or Bang Olufsen Eclipse.

9/11/2019 094026

I recommend to all image lovers who are not necessarily fascinated by television sets to look into specially prepared rooms equipped with projectors – it is worth checking out two rooms. In the first of them we find an advanced 4K device from Sony with a Motionflow system and a laser light source with a brightness of 2,200 lumens. The second one includes JVC models: RS2000, RS1000, RS3000 – with a resolution of 8K and 100% – covering the DCI color palette.

For vinyl enthusiasts, a zone has been specially prepared in which you can purchase selected items. The offer is wide, as it contains products from many musical genres of several dozen stores. However, my attention was caught by the equipment for playing black discs – turntables. The exhibition includes several unusual devices, e.g. Transrotor Artus for usd 660 thousand. I was more impressed with Mag Lav because it has a levitating plate – it sounds futuristic, it looks brilliant. The most expensive version with wooden finishes costs about 14 thousand. zł.

9/11/2019 093929

It is impossible to mention all the companies presenting their devices and attractions, waiting for visitors of this year's Audio Video Show. It is also difficult to describe the experience of dealing with audio equipment often in the highest class. All the more I urge everyone to visit the exhibition, to immerse themselves in the sounds coming from a dozen or so speakers, audio systems or headphones and to feel the full depth, wide stage and real audio power.