At McDonalds, artificial intelligence will accept your order

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 13:36, Written by Mateusz Ponikowski


The company is looking for a revolution in service.

The popular McDonalds fast food chain is looking for new ways automation of operations with the help of artificial intelligence. The company's owners want to allow users to talk to the robot without having to involve a human in the whole process. In developing functionality, McDonalds will cooperate with Apprente – a company from Silicon Valley, which was purchased by the said network earlier this year.

Apprente is a brand that was founded in 2017 to create a fully functional platform based on comprehensive ordering of products using speech – not only in English. According to McDonalds, Apprente technology is already being tested in selected restaurants. Ultimately, it will translate into creating a faster, the simpler way to accept orders using DriveThru – a system that allows servicing customers ordering food from a car. This is not the only McDonalds purchase in recent years. The company also bought the startup Yield, which is responsible for development machine learning used at electronic boards from the restaurant's menu.


The use of artificial intelligence during orders is also to actively influence changes related to the menu display – a number of algorithms will better tailor customer proposals and introduced him to the options first. The algorithms will also anticipate movement in the kitchen and thus adapt specific products that can be released as soon as possible. Dynamic Yield technology is currently being implemented in more than 8 thousand McDonalds restaurants.

The changes are not over yet. McDonalds announced an official uprising McD Tech Labs. What project is this? As part of a special research laboratory located in Silicon Valley, engineers will create new ideas and solutions to improve customer service in all restaurants.

Admittedly, the very idea with artificial intelligence promises to be really good.

Source: McD