Artificial intelligence will soon color the black and white films

colored films 1

Is the revolution coming?

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are increasing. As it turns out – this technology may soon allow the restoration of black and white feature films. An Internet creator from the Two Minute Papers channel publicized this option.

In recent years, you may have come across "colored" black and white films or restored photos. However, such activities were not undertaken on a larger scale, because most of the corrections and aesthetic work belonged to people. Imagine a boss who orders employees to apply colors to hundreds of films. Such an order for Sisyphean work would probably end up with hundreds to leave.

AI, and more specifically Temporal Neural Network, comes to the rescue. The technology is to enable not only coloring black and white production, but also fixing defects in the form of image flickering or characteristic noise. However, a lot of work is ahead of the researchers so that such tools can be used transversely by the film industry. Artificial intelligence must first be properly trained.

The neural network may soon revolutionize old cinema (however that sounds). Of course – skeptics will say that black and white productions have "this something" in them and the color will only take it away from them. Despite this, I personally await the results of the scientists' work – even if the films were to be only slightly improved.

Source: YouTube