Artificial intelligence will assess whether you sing like Freddie Mercury


This is FreddieMeter.

Well, probably no one has to tell you that you don't sing like Freddie Mercury to know that you don't sing like Freddie Mercury. Probably very few people can boast a voice like the legendary singer Queen. Now you can check is your vocals a bit like Freddie Mercury's? – thanks to the new artificial intelligence of Google.

Artificial intelligence was created in cooperation with the Queen band, many music publishers and the team responsible at Google for experimental software – Creative Labs. It was designed to analyze the voice of a singing person in terms of their color and tone, and the degree of matching the melody of the vocal to the original performance of the song Queen.

FreddieMeterbecause this is the name of the SI, records the voice of the singer, and then, based on the assessment of the factors mentioned, says, to what extent does the person's voice resemble the voice of Freddie Mercury. The result is presented on a percentage scale, which is the average of points awarded in terms of timbre, tone and melody. In each of these categories you can get from 0 to 100 points.

freddie meter result

Of course, each of you can try the latest artificial intelligence Google, and it's completely free. Just go to any page from any browser freddiemeter.withyoutube.comand then click on the inscription "LET'S DO IT". Then choose one of the four songs (Bohemian Rhapsody. Don't Stop Me Now. Somebody To Love and We Are The Champions) and sing at least a fragment of it. FreddieMeter works on both desktops and iOS and Android devices.

freddie meter screens

As part of the project, the Queen team encourages donations to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which focuses on the fight against AIDS. This organization was founded after the death of Freddie Mercury by the other members of Queen.

According to Google, FreddieMeter was trained and based on Freddie Mercury's vocals isolated from recordings, and with the help of vocal recordings of the Queen's followers. Importantly, using the program should not pose a threat to your privacy. It does not require providing any data, nor does it send your voice recordings to any servers.

Be sure to compare the results FreddieMeter gave you with your friends' results. After a few personal tests, I can say that these results look reliable.

Source: FreddieMeter