Artificial Intelligence Google copes with breast cancer detection better than doctors


A new useful tool in the fight against a serious disease.

Although breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, its detection still causes many problems. The results of mammography, or tests that allow you to diagnose it, are often false positive. This is not quite associated with unnecessary stress for patients who are not actually sick at all, in addition, it leads to many unnecessary treatments. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help doctors in this regard.

DeepMind, a Google-owned British company that develops artificial intelligence, has developed artificial intelligence, which is more effective in detecting breast cancer than doctors. This one analyzes mammograms giving fewer false positive and false negative results.

SI from DeepMind was trained using data (without elements allowing for identification) of patients from both Great Britain and the United States. I'm talking about mammography scans of 91,000 women. After this training, the model was tested using a separate set of data for 28,000 women.

Interestingly, it has been shown that in the United States with the help of artificial intelligence you can reduce the incidence of false positives positive by 5.7 percent and false negative by 9.4 percent. By comparison, in the UK there was a 1.2 percent reduction in false positive and 2.7 percent reduction in false negative results. This suggests that the United States is less likely to correctly detect breast cancer. I wonder what the application of this artificial intelligence in Poland would show.

Visualization showing the growth of breast cancer and the appearance of its metastases. | Source: Google

It is worth adding that artificial intelligence coped with the diagnostic process better, even though it had access only to the last mammogram of each patient. In turn, the doctors had regard to the patients' full medical history, including the results of all previous examinations.

Obviously, DeepMind's AI for breast cancer is still on very early development. Its creators believe that much more research and further cooperation with health care in different countries are needed before the system can be put into daily use.

Source: Google