Are you hunting for a Xiaomi smartphone? Here is a collection of the best deals [kupony]


Only good offers.

Xiaomi devices are quite popular in Poland. This is not a big surprise, the Chinese company offers competitive prices that consumers appreciate.

In this post, we have collected the most interesting coupons and discounts for Xiaomi smartphones available in Chinese online stores like GearBest whether Banggood.

Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro

09/09/2019 092530

Devices from the Mi 9T series are currently a sales hit. Xiaomi has implemented here an almost frameless screen with a camera hidden in the upper edge of the phone. Smartphones offer really good performance, a versatile camera and a great OLED screen. You will learn more about the Mi 9T from our review.

Mi 9T 6/64 GB for $ 269.99 Code: BG8M9TCC
Mi 9T 6/64 GB for $ 279.99 Code: GBMI9T500
Mi 9T 6/128 GB for $ 289.99 Code: BGMI9T10
Mi 9T Pro 6/64 GB for $ 356.99 Code: GBM9TPRO3
Mi 9T Pro 6/64 GB for $ 354.99 Code: BG13thpl9tpro
Mi 9T Pro 6/64 GB for $ 363.99 Code: GBM9TPRO1

Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9 or this year's flagship of the brand is still a top smartphone, and its price has clearly dropped. On board we find the top Snapdragon 855 processor, wireless charging, nice camera, fast charging and much more.

2019-09-15 094737

Mi 9 6 / 64GB for $ 328.99 (approx. PLN 1285)

Mi A3

15/09/2019 095359

Xiaomi Mi A3 is the latest model from the Android One family. Pure Android installed on board with frequent security updates guaranteed.

The smartphone is equipped with an AMOLED screen, the housing is compact and solid. The equipment drives the Snapdragon 665 processor and 4GB of RAM. You will learn more from our review.

Mi A3 4 / 64GB (blue) for $ 169.99 (approx. PLN 664) – code: GBA36402
Mi A3 4 / 64GB (gray) for $ 169.99 (approx. PLN 664) – code: GBA36401
Mi A3 4 / 64GB for $ 172.99 (approx. PLN 678) – code: BGA3G101
Mi A3 4 / 128GB (blue) for $ 189.99 (approx. PLN 742) – code: GBA312802
Mi A3 4 / 128GB (gray) for $ 189.99 (approx. PLN 742) – code: GBA312801

Redmi Note 7

15/09/2019 102522

It's fair to say that Note 7 is a classic of the genre by Xiaomi. Big screen, good performance, decent camera and strong battery – all at an unbeatable price. Not by accident is one of the best-selling Chinese brand smartphones.

Redmi Note 7 4 / 64GB for $ 155.16 (approx. PLN 606) – code: BG19BRN7
Redmi Note 7 4 / 64GB (blue) for $ 159.99 (approx. PLN 625) – code: GBNOTE732G
Redmi Note 7 3 / 32GB (black) for $ 140.99 (approx. PLN 551) – code: BGRN732
Redmi Note 7 3 / 32GB (blue) for $ 149.99 (approx. PLN 586) – code: GBN7332BLUE

It is worth remembering that when ordering in Chinese online stores, special attention should be paid to the form of delivery. For GearBest, the optimal solution is to choose free shipping Priority Line (waiting time is 2-3 weeks), which will help avoid additional fees when the package arrives in the country. The Banggood store recommends Priority Direct Mail delivery.

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