Are you fed up with nonsense recommendations on YouTube? Join the Mozilla initiative

13/09/2019 112534

The #YouTubeRegrets campaign is starting

Content posted on YouTube has an impact on society, especially young people who "absorb everything like a sponge." Mozilla decided to draw attention to a problem that is not always working properly YT recommendation algorithmthat can serve users of questionable quality content.

Campaign under the name #YouTubeRegrets, which has just started on social media is aimed at presentation of algorithm flaws. Mozilla asks ordinary users to describe their stories related to what YouTube has offered them.

According to Mozilla, the YouTube recommendation engine can lead users to harmful content, and the platform itself does little to improve its performance. The campaign is to put pressure on YouTube's owners to take appropriate steps related to improving the technology and protecting primarily younger users.

If you want to join the initiative, you can send your story directly to Mozilla using this form.