Apple will give up face recognition? iPhone may receive different technology

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That would be a surprise.

It can be said that the festival of rumors and leaks about the new iPhone has started. This time, once again, we reach those that are associated with significant changes in the design of the smartphone manufacturer Cupertino. As reported by Let’sGoDigital, Apple on iPhones designed for 2020 would get rid of Face ID face recognition technology and replace it with a fingerprint scanner built directly under the phone screen. Why such a decision?

According to a Dutch website, Apple was to file a patent in Japan for a new iPhone, which assumes in its design a design without a cutout on the screen and without Face ID technology. Instead, the new iPhone has a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. There is also a selfie camera under the device display – is a popular trend that the largest brands in their equipment aspire to.


However, Apple's decision to abandon Face ID may be a bit strange. The company first presented this solution in 2018 during the release of the iPhone X. Withdrawing from the Touch ID fingerprint scanner was to be not only final, but also dictated by the security itself. Face recognition technology on iPhones is supposed to work better than a scanner – at least according to the manufacturer from Cupertino.

The fingerprint scanner built into the screen can be problematic – an example of last year's swirls around Samsung, which the reader did not work as it should. Anyone could unlock the smartphones. It is not yet clear whether Apple has found a way to avoid these types of errors in its hardware.

These revelations are confirmed by Ming Chi-Kuo: an analyst who usually provides proven data from the Apple camp. Well, there is nothing else to do but wait until the second half of the yearwhen Apple will present the next generation of its flagship smartphones.

Source: DT