Apple will also slow down last year's iPhone XR and XS smartphones in iOS 13.1

iphone xr throttling

Everything for the good of the users.

Surely you still remember the scandal that broke out when the world learned about it Apple quietly reduces the performance of its smartphones. The manufacturer did this officially to eliminate the problem of devices with highly depleted batteries losing their efficiency, which led to the shutdown of iPhones operating under heavy load. Unofficially, in this way the manufacturer urged to buy new devices. It turns out that with the release of iOS 13.1 Apple will add the throttling function on the iPhone XR and XS smartphones. Until now, it appeared only on devices of at least two years old.

Are the batteries in Apple's annual or newer smartphones in such poor condition to enable throttling of the processor and the graphics system? It's hard to believe. Apple offers the possibility of replacing the battery in an old device, which seems to be a more interesting solution that can be used by anyone. There is no doubt that the feature introduced in iOS 13.1 for such new devices is only "Bogey" to encourage some of them to change to the recently presented iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro smartphones.

iphone xr xs throttling

The throttling function activates automatically when the iPhone detects that the smartphone is unstable due to a battery malfunction. In practice, Apple can freely affect the performance of devices presented barely in 2018, which, after all, can be bought without any problems today as new equipment. The user cannot prevent throttling, as indicated by Apple's support page saying that the function is fully automated, which is always on.

No other manufacturer in the world has admitted to using similar licks in their devices. Is it just the iPhones that have problems that Apple bravely fights with?

Source: Apple