Apple Watch once again saved lives – this time a mountain biker

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The bright side of technology.

Apple Watch is a device that has saved lives more than once. It was mainly due to two functions present in the smartwatch – the possibility of making a simple one ECG tests and the option to allow fall detection (This is enabled by default only if the user is over 65). Information on the next life saved by the watch from the Cupertino giant saw the light of day.

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Bob Burdett and his son were supposed to go on a mountain bike trip. The man decided, however, that he would go to Riverside State Park a little earlier and wait for his son near the meeting place. On the way however, he suffered a severe fall that could have ended tragically, had it not been for Apple Watch.

Gabe at one point received an SMS with information about the unfortunate accident and an ambulance notification. She was behind everything, of course fall detection function present in Apple Watch Series 4 (now also 5), which identified the event and responded efficiently.

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The man hit his head hard and lost consciousness. An alarm was activated on the watch and after a minute of inactivity a connection to the emergency services was automatically established. The system also sent the son a map with the exact location of his father, so that he could quickly reach the scene.

Bob survived and is currently in a stable condition. If it wasn't for the Apple Watch, it could have been all different. So you have to admit that technology also has its bright side, which is sometimes worth remembering.

Source: 9to5mac