Apple setback. The upgrade has degraded the key function of AirPods Pro headphones for usd 1249

AirPods Pro

Unlucky update.

Active noise reduction is a technology that Apple boasts of promoting its AirPods Pro headphones priced at nearly usd 1250. The high price of this small gadget is not surprising, the Cupertino manufacturer positions its equipment in the premium segment so it must be expensive and that's it.

Exactly a month ago Apple released a software update version 2C54. It turns out that it did more harm than good. User reviews have appeared on the network suggesting that the update will negatively affect the sound quality.

Apple fans asked for a technical rating. Retesting AirPods Pro with 2C54 firmware dispelled all doubts.

2020-01-16 153820

Tests have shown that after upgrading to the 2C45 firmware, the insulation performance decreased, mainly in the bass range. This means that when turned on ANC (active noise reduction) Headphones are not as good at suppressing specific sounds as they were before this update. The biggest problems were noted in the case of low tones, i.e. noise emitted by car or aircraft engines.

Apple has already rolled back the unlucky update so the company is aware of the problems. Users who have already updated their headphones to the 2C54 version have nothing else to do but wait for the next update.

Source: MacRumors