Apple is starting a crusade against e-smokers

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The right step?

Apple has just launched another cannon aimed at the business related to e-cigarettes. In June, the Cupertino giant banned the publication of apps related to vaping in the App Store. This time, the company unexpectedly removed absolutely all apps related to e-cigarettes from its store.

On Friday, Apple removed a total of 181 applications, which concerned topics related to vaping. "Censorship" has even fallen prey to seem harmless games. The company motivates its activities with subsequent cases of mysterious lung disease and deaths among e-smokers, which the US CDC associates with e-cigarettes. Apple simply does not want to advertise products related to the industry becoming increasingly famous.

We remind you that as Vitamin E Acetate is indicated for the disease, although it is not 100% certain yet. E-cigarettes still seem to be a much safer alternative to regular cigarettes, but no one should be surprised that Apple, in the light of doubt, would definitely like to cut off from the emotional topic.

If you have previously installed an e-cigarette application on your iPhone or iPad that has now been removed from the store, you will still be able to use it.

Source: Axios