Apple iPhone 11 Pro tracks users even if they don't agree

apple eavesdrops on iphone 11 pro

Apple says it should be like this.

Apple is once again caught in practices that will not appeal to anyone who values โ€‹โ€‹the security of their data. One of the analysts has just proved that iPhone 11 Pro smartphones have access to the device's location data and save it even if the user categorically prohibits it! How did Apple react? "This is the expected behavior of the devices", say company representatives.

The video material below on YouTube via KrebsOnSecurity shows that despite all access rights turned off and even the activation of the flight mode, location data is collected.

"One of the most interesting behaviors of Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro is that it sporadically searches for user location information, even if all the applications and system services on the phone are set individually so that they never request this data. Apple claims that this is purposeful functionality, but this reaction seems to conflict with the company's own privacy policy. "says the man.

Apple reacted quickly to all the confusion. Representatives of the giant believe that "this is how it should be". "We don't see any real security implications of this state of affairs", writes Apple engineer in response to a query from KrebsOnSecurity. "The location services icon should appear in the status bar when you enable location services, according to our intentions. This icon is associated with system services that do not have their switch in Settings."

The above position, however, contradicts Apple's assurances that users have full control over what applications they share their location with. The only way to prevent this behavior the software is completely disabling location services. In this way, however, the user will deprive even of access to the location during the journey.

Source: KrebsOnSecurity