Another software-targeted cyber attack disrupted the broadcasting of a television station

TV error

The work of journalists was paralyzed.

The American television station KHQ-TV has been attacked by cyber criminals. As a result of the attack, the software responsible for preparing local news stopped working, thus paralyzing the work of journalists. As the ESET expert notes, this is another attack on a TV station this year.

As reported by the portal The Spokesman-Reviewto attack the station KHQ-TV, which is a local branch of the NBC in Washington, Montana, occurred on the night of December 8 to 9 just before broadcasting morning news.

As a result of the attack, the software used to prepare the information service (content and graphics displayed on the TV screen) was completely disabled. KHQ-TV journalists were forced to use only simple text programs to prepare programs broadcast by the station.

As noted by Kamil Sadkowski, a senior threat analyst at ESET, not only the financial, medical or industrial sectors are affected by cyber attacks. Media industries as well as TV stations are increasingly appearing in the hackers' crosshairs.

Experts point out that attacks on the media can lead to misinformation, the spread of false news, or even, as in the case of disruption of Eurovision broadcasts by hackers, they can try to cause panic among viewers. This scenario did not occur in the event of an attack on KHQ-TV. According to journalists from The Spokesman-Review, a cyber attack has been reported to the FBI. At the moment it is not known how long it will take to recover the software and data from the backups made.

Source: ESET