Android or iOS? We know which users were more likely to watch Pornhuba in 2019

Pornhub has published its great annual summary "Pornhub Year in review", thanks to which we can find out what people visited this year with spicy videos and what they were looking for on it. If you are interested in details about Poles' tastes – you will find them without problems. Do you want to know what game characters (!) Were sought here? No problem. However, we will focus on the purely technological aspect and share with you knowledge about what devices were viewed Pornhuba. The data is really interesting.

Android or iOS? The result is surprising

It would seem that since the vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet use Android smartphones and tablets, they will generate the lion's share of mobile traffic. Well no! Android users generated only 46.6% of this type of traffic in 2019, which is 14% less than in 2018. Amazingly, people with iPhones simply loved to observe the bed and extra-bed activities of men and women, generating this 52.8% of all traffic from smartphones and tablets. How is it possible that iOS year on year gained as much as 19% of traffic?

pornhub mobile traffic 1

Pornhub explains that they are guilty of this state of affairs … India. In 2019, there was a dramatic drop in traffic from this 1.34 billion inhabitants of the country. Reason? Attempts at censorship of pornographic services by the Indian government. It is in India that a very large percentage of people using Android devices live, so the change in one of the statistics had to be reflected in the next.

Apple equipment users are true porn connoisseurs

A glance at the statistics related to Pornhub and browsers shows that although about 72% of the world's population uses Google Chrome, they are responsible for only 41.1% of the traffic on the site with adult movies. As much as 40.1% of traffic is generated by Safari users, i.e. the browser installed on Apple products. Android Browser (8.3%), Samsung browser (4.9%) and UC Browser (3%) are rather poor.

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Between the party in Uncharted and God of War, players like to watch an adult movie

Yes, Pornhub is also visited from the consoles. The website in its latest analysis showed that Sony PlayStation devices account for 51.5% of the traffic from consoles. Of course, Xbox came in second with 34.7%, and unexpectedly in third … PS Vita with 9.1%. Is it more convenient to watch movies on Vita than on a smartphone? I don't know, experts can let you know.

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Are you surprised by the statistics? Or are you curious about all the data? You can read them from Pornhuba blogthat you can easily open even at work. There is no nudity.

Source: Pornhub