Android envied Apple! Subscription for Play Pass games – here are the details


Here's the answer to Apple Arcade.

If Apple announced Apple Arcade, i.e. a subscription service that guarantees, like the Origin Access or Xbox Pass, access to a number of games, but mobile, it was a matter of time when Google prepared the response to this move. We've just got this answer in the form of a service called Play Pass.

So, what Google offer has it prepared? At the moment, it seems to be better than Apple, much better. We would like to remind you that as soon as Apple Arcade debuts this fall, it will guarantee access to over 100 exclusive productions for a monthly fee of usd 24.99 (US $ 4.99). This service is to be intended for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV users. Play Pass at a similar price, also for $ 4.99 (Polish price is not known), is to offer as many as 350 titles. This service will of course go to Android devices.

What productions will you be able to play as part of Play Pass? Examples are Stardew Valley, Terraria, Star Wars: KOTOR, Reigns: Game of Thrones, Monument Valley 2 or Bridge Constructor Portal. However, the Google subscription stands out from the Apple background in that it does not only offer games, but also other applications, such as AccuWeather.

As you can see, Google is not trying to offer exclusive content, because many of the listed games have been available for a long time in the Play Store or App Store. However, this does not change the fact that with the help of its own subscription the company is trying to compete with Apple.

This week, Play Pass is expected to debut in the US, where the service will be free to try for 10 days. Google is also considering offering the option of buying a full year subscription in advance for $ 2 a month. It is not known when Play Pass will go to other countries, including Poland, and whether it even goes beyond the United States, but it would be a sensible move, especially since Apple Arcade is to be used by residents of as many as 150 countries.

Source: Google