Amnesty International: Facebook and Google threaten human rights

An international non-governmental organization that aims to prevent human rights violations – Amnesty International – said Google and Facebook pose a threat to human rights. In particular, the organization means the business model that these two companies have adopted.

As Amnesty International notes, although Google and Facebook do not charge for their services, in fact users pay for these services, in the form of your personal data. In its report, the organization warns against what it calls "all-day supervision of billions of people" and calls for "a radical transformation of the basic financial model of technology giants."

"Google and Facebook gradually destroyed our privacy. We are now trapped. We must either surrender to this ubiquitous surveillance machine – which can easily turn our data into a weapon to manipulate us and influence us – or give up the benefits of the digital world. This choice could never be fair."Said Kumi Nadoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Amnesty International calls on the authorities of the countries of the world to force companies such as Facebook and Google to change their business model through appropriate provisions on data protection and technology giants. It should be noted, however, that according to the organization, the model is not only based on "supervision". This in its report also mentioned even Amazon and Microsoft.

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Well, it's hard to disagree with Amnesty International. Often Facebook and Google have threatened our privacy through numerous mishaps and deliberate actions. Probably no today's Internet user will forget about such scandals as Cambridge Analytica.

Of course, Facebook itself thinks Amnesty International is wrong. The website claims that its business model is based on advertising and that it promotes human rights, giving people the opportunity to speak and freedom of assembly.

"We generally disagree with the Amnesty International report. Facebook enables people from all over the world to make contact in a way that protects privacy – including in less developed countries, with tools such as Free Basics. Thanks to our business model, groups such as Amnesty International – which advertise on Facebook – can reach their supporters, raise money and pursue their mission. ", is a Facebook statement.

Source: Amnesty International